The free radicals are produced when

The free radicals are produced when

The free radicals are produced when food is broken down in your body. These molecules are capable of damaging cells; and could lead to cancer, heart and other diseases. Antioxidants are the good guys. They help your body combat the effects of the free radicals. It’s almost like the villain getting bashed up by the good cops and all. We’ve all heard the tall claims made about antioxidants - They help in curing cancer! Supercharge your immunity with some antioxidants being introduced into your diet. Say goodbye to the signs of ageing when antioxidants come into play! But the question remains, are antioxidants ‘tall’ enough to live up to the claims? Antioxidants are good for you, there are no doubts about that. But it would be good to strip away some of the misconceptions [...]

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Take Care Of Your Skin

Unlike women, most men don’t really think about their skin. They simply wash their face with any ordinary soap, shave, and get back to their work. However, this certainly affects your skin. Hence, you must think twice before using any products, and take proper care of your skin. Although there aren’t as many products in the market as women have, there are still plenty you can use for your skin. Listed below are some skin care products men can use daily to have healthy and younger skin: Face Cleaner Washing your face at least two times with a day, with good face cleaner keeps germs and dust from settling on your face. Try to get a cleanser with alpha hydroxy acid that helps you to clean dead cells on your skin, and keep pores clean. Shaving Cream Shaving improperly can cause bruises [...]

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Instead of simply doing the routine in the gym, and doing it wrong, you can squeeze more out of your workout time. You don’t have to spend 45 minutes doing those sweat-sprinkling exercises with burning lungs and blurry legs, and yet get disappointed with the results. Below are some exercises that will help you get stronger, in same number of hours. 1.Maximum Repetition If you general routine says doing 5 repetitions, try to adjust 2 more in your schedule. Pick up maximum weight and do max repetitions. However, do not start with the maximum right from set 1. Work your way up to the heaviest you can lift. Start with little warm-up sets of 5-8 reps, and make your workout intense every set. 2.Save Energy Don’t spend your energy by performing futile exercises between the sets. Instead, [...]

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Robert got a tattoo done the other day. It was a biblical verse inked across his back. It looked great. But there was something missing. I racked my brains some more when I got home at night; and I realized what the missing link was. Bob’s back wasn’t broad enough to deal with that much text. Then this got me to my next question. Are there exercises to help us broaden our backs? The Secret To A Bigger And Broader Back Get this one thing straight – your back isn’t one big slab of muscle. It is made up of a number of muscle groups. This part of your body is home to a complex set of muscles – your lats, rotator cuffs, upper traps, lower and middle traps. Each of these have a function of their own to play. Read on to know how to work on your back muscles if and when these [...]

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Get those proteins in and lose weight in a jiffy (well, almost!). We know that nothing in life comes easy, at least losing weight certainly doesn’t. But the least that you can do is use these tips to ensure you have a smoother ride along the way. Thick to thin # 1 Cut Down On Calories Alright, so this one will seem like stating the obvious, but just that it isn’t that! There is the perennial debate that comes into play here – low fat v/s low carbohydrates. The perfect weight loss diet title will go to one that you end up living with – regardless of whether you cut carbs or fat. Thick To Thin # 2 Whey Helps Cut Down the Waistline If your food is high on proteins then it’ll leave you feeling fuller for longer; and will avoid the hunger pangs that you are prone to. Having [...]

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10 Seconds – 10 Tips For A Healthier ‘You’

A little too stiff for me – muscles! – While you may have all the reasons to believe that stiff muscles are not a cause for worry, we say otherwise. If you are prone to poor flexibility in your upper back, then it could lead to pain in the lower back. Sedentary lifestyles can be one of the culprits that lead you to such a situation. Another major offender could be excessive lifting of weights. If you overdo this without stretching your muscles, you will have a tendency to hunch your neck forward. Your upper back mobility will be affected by this. This would lead to a direct excess of baggage on the lower back to deal with. Use the barbell, or dumbbells to combat with this issue. Do around 10 to 12 repetitions to see the effects. Pounding against your chest – Check your heart rate when [...]

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DIY Health Checks – Part 2

In Part 1, we looked at how bleeding gums or a pot belly could spell trouble for your health. In Part 2 we continue on the search for other health checks that could tell you whether its bad news or very bad news. Clogging And Blocking Of Nasal Passages Sit down, take a deep breath. Wait. Do it again. Now ask yourself one simple question. Did you breathe in from your nose or from your mouth? If you answer the latter, it would mean that your nasal passage might be obstructed. This could have reasons of its own – perhaps, its allergic rhinitis. Let me break that down for you. In English, it would mean that you have incessant sneezing, eyes that itch, a nose that’s running, and stuffiness in general. If you nodded your head; and sniffled at the same time, it would mean that you have allergic [...]

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