5 Reasons to Exercise

5 Reasons to Exercise
As we slip into February mode, we manage to forget the New Year resolutions that we’d made, which almost inevitably, every year will include ‘Lose Weight’. Come mid- July, we’re already planning our Christmas plans with friends; with us being still hung-over from the 4th of July celebrations. As you sit down on your couch, with your laptop on your lap; and you’re eyes glued to the screen, let me give you 5 good reasons as to why you

Running exercise

should start exercising once again!!!

1. Effective Control of Weight –

If you combine a good diet with a proper exercise routine, it will lead to effective weight control. Even exercises like walking, which are considered low intensity activities, will help in losing weight and keeping fit. The general rule states that around 100 calories are lost when you walk or run for a mile. If you walk for around 30 minutes, it is enough to lose around 200 calories, since a normal person will complete 2 miles on an average, in that much time. Even if you do not want to change your current diet drastically, 30 minutes of walking every day could lead to a 2 pound loss every month. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

2. I Feel Good!

If you indulge in over 30 minutes of exercise in a single day, your brain will release endorphins into your system. Endorphins are chemicals that are produced by the brain; and they help in elevating your mood. They end up bringing an overall sense of well being. The idea of making a positive change in your life can also empower a newbie. The feeling of having successfully accomplished something at the end of an exercise session also has its own positives.


Exercise and diet

3. Improved Diet and Increased Motivation –

If you exercise regularly, but do not pay attention to your diet, you’ll not do much good to your system. True fitness combines the two – exercise and good nutrition. If you commit around 30 minutes of exercise in a day with good nutritious meals consumed at the right times, you might be able to achieve your goals faster in the day. Plus, it’s healthier.

4. Discipline walks into your life –

Those of us who do not exercise are showing but one thing – we lack discipline in our lives. Setting aside 30 minutes every day should be a matter of discipline. Generally speaking, if you positively reinforce a successful program of exercise, it will help in the person applying similar discipline to other areas of his life. Suddenly, almost all aspects of his life – home life, personal affairs, performance at work – all of it will see an up because of this newfound self-discipline.

5. Live a longer and healthier life –

Humans are extremely dynamics as organisms. We are constantly seeing improvement or decline. If we exercise regularly, it will show signs of continual improvement in our lives. Regular exercise, even medical practitioners claim, can increase a person’s life span.